2017 Must See Landmarks In Irvine California

A town is defined by its timely past and luscious landscapes. Landmarks give a city’s community a meaningful place to join together or celebrate their heritage. Irvine is a city filled with many noteworthy places but a few stand out. Bommer Canyon, Old Town Irvine and the Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial are great sights to develop a further understanding of this magnificent city. From the hilly landscapes to the rich history, Irvine, California is a town worth visiting.

Bommer Canyon is the first landmark on our list. Completely natural and overly gorgeous, this open space preserve is a must see sight. This park features hiking trails and biking paths. Special events like parties or weddings can also be held here. A special “Cattle Camp”, ideal for a country themed event, compiles a chuck wagon, BBQ pit and staged area for the ultimate southern feel. The city also puts on a Monthly Wilderness Access Day to give the public a peek at special trails and hidden areas. If you have a passion for nature, hiking, mountain biking or terrific scenery, this landmark will be a fantastic place for you to visit.

The next must-visit place is Old Town Irvine. A feature in the California State Parks system, this historic town showcases the agricultural roots of Orange County. Old fashioned buildings adorn the rough streets while wooden porches line the sidewalks. A walking tour is highly recommended to get a glimpse into life in Irvine in the 1900s. On your tour, you'll see the bean granary, boarding house and blacksmith's shop. Each stop is unique and adds to the history of Irvine. As life today is much different, make sure you dive into the past in this amazing little town. This landmark is a remarkable place to tour or spend an afternoon.

As a tribute to the fallen soldiers, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, Irvine has a dedicated heart-wrenching memorial. Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial is the first of its kind to honor fallen servicemen of the wars in the middle east. This sacred place was started by community members. In the past, these individuals would display wooden posts which were engraved with the names of the fallen. Every year from Memorial day to Independence day, these decorated wooden posts lined the sidewalks. Today, this memorial is a permanent fixture comprised of engraved granite pillars. If you happen to know one of these brave soldiers, the caretakers of this memorial will send you a tracing of the soldier's name, free of charge. Showing the caring and touching sides of the Irvine community, the Northwood Gratitude Memorial is definitely a pillar of this society.

Each landmark in the City of Irvine is unique and special. From the grassy spaces in Bommer Canyon to the historic Old Town Irvine, to the Honorary Northwood Memorial, this town is rich in culture and diversity. These sights have something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Make sure to discover these destinations next time you're near Irvine California.