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"Dr. Desirée and her team of massage therapists are amazing! Our employees were ecstatic when they first heard that we were bringing massage therapists into our office as part of our employee wellness initiative. We've had her back every month ever since and it's something our employees look forward to every month! We've had nothing but positive feedback from everyone who gets their massage, and we're so glad that Dr. Desirée and her team are able to leave our employees feeling refreshed and relaxed."

"It is great having the massage therapist work on my neck! I always hold my tension in my neck and shoulders. And having the occasional massage makes such a difference. Thank you for bringing them in."

"Elsa was fantastic! She knew exactly what areas of my neck and arms to pinpoint after I told her my problem areas."

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 Jessica Bernal

Human Resources Specialist

employee pamper event

As an employer, you want to show your staff how valuable they are to you and the company. Rewards during the year can increase morale, and generate a feeling of loyalty to the company, especially when the employee feels appreciated.

An employee pamper event featuring seated massage and relaxing music, can inspire creativity, relax and rejuvenate, as well as motivate workers to give that extra effort for the goals of the company. Imagine the smiles on everyone’s faces when you tell them you scheduled some massage therapists to come in and massage them half the day! That is basically what we do.

Feeling good about the place of employment, how they are treated and taken care of play a big role in productivity and morale of employees. By treating your people to chair massages, not only will you be the most well liked person in the company, you’ll have a peaceful and relaxed office, which is a good thing.

Since body and mind work hand in hand, in- office massages can be a big plus. Our team of massage therapists specialize in relaxation techniques and muscle therapy, so your employees feel relaxed, rejuvenated and most of all, positive. Mid-afternoon lulls are optimal to give everyone a 10-minute massage. Nothing says thank you more to an employee than a “stress break”.

Pamper Event Overview:

Very minimal effort on your part to run an event… we do all the leg (and arm) work for you! (Why get stressed over a stress relief event?) The massages are 15 minute sessions done over clothing by a trained therapist in a specialized chair that is brought right to your office. The sessions take no longer than a coffee break, so it won’t interfere with your staff’s production or work.

Staff comes back from their massage break revived, relaxed, and refreshed… ready to tackle the rest of the day! Set up is super easy. All that is needed is a small space like a break room or open conference room. No messy oils are used, just a natural sanitizer used between each session. Plan on hearing lots of “aaaahhhhhhh” for the rest of the day.

One of our public relations directors will send you a sign-up sheet in advance to preschedule 15 minute time slots for your employees.

Once we arrive and set up, our staff will greet scheduled employees and get them comfortable on the massage chair so the therapist can do their magic. At the end of the massage, we have the employee rate what they liked most about the massage as well as offer them the opportunity to come in for a complimentary Bodyworks Sampler Package at our medical clinic.

Did you know…

  • Research indicates that a 15-minute chair massage results in decreased stress, increased alertness, and increased speed and accuracy on math computations
  • Up to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints
  • Office workers massaged regularly were more alert, performed better, and were less stressed than those who weren’t massaged
  • Stress accounts for $26 billion in medical and disability payments and $95 billion in lost productivity per year
  • Over 50% of lost work days are stress related which keeps about 1 million people per day out of work
  • Health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress
  • 40% of job turnovers are due to stress

About Us:

Located in Irvine, we offer cutting-edge treatment plans that include pain relieving injections, allergy testing, cold laser, decompression, neurological testing, chiropractic, physical therapy, and therapeutic massage, at affordable prices.

Our team of doctors and therapists are the most experienced and the most compassionate in Orange County. For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of Orange County residents and corporate employees achieve better health and wellness!

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"Healthy people make fewer mistakes. Healthy people work faster. Real health results in high levels of productivity. People who are so healthy that they are happy make a business grow from marginal financial success to share-the-wealth levels of financial success. There is absolutely no question that healthy people make for a financially expansive workplace.”

- Lawrence Germann, CEO of Left Hand Design

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