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Corrective Care Plan

Our spinal corrective care program in Irvine, CA is very unique and produces excellent results when followed correctly. We utilize Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) to restructure the spine to its optimum and most stable position. CBP works by interrupting the neurological memory for the abnormal postural patterns and inputting new neurological messages for normal posturing with specific adjustments and exercises. It works like reprogramming a computer so messages from the brain and nervous system tell the postural muscles to balance appropriately, thus correcting the spinal imbalances. CBP helps correct the spine for better and longer lasting results, which means future spinal stability.

Monitoring Your Progress

Re-exams are done every five weeks to monitor your progress. Re-x-rays are usually done every four months during corrective care. Structural changes will be compared and reviewed with the patient. This way the patient SEES the results structurally. Symptoms are not a good gauge for monitoring progress. They can be absent while the spinal structure is still abnormal or they can be present even in new areas due to structural changes (like sore muscles from exercising).

The End Point

The end point of Spinal Correction is determined biophysically through angle and arc measurements via x-ray review, structural observation, postural analysis, and direct palpation of the spine. When subluxations are corrected, there is less nerve interference and more optimum health potential. Since the length of time people have been subluxated and the resultant damage and degeneration vary between patients, the amount of maximum correction may also vary.

Actual Pre & Post X-rays Of Patients That Underwent Spinal Rehabilitation & Correction In Our Clinic

Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Curved Back XRay

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Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Corrected Neck

Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Neck X Ray

Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Neck Pain

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Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Neck Correction

Female Chiropractor Irvine CA Corrected Spine

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