Irvine California Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

A college town close by the sea. Waves lapping in the distance while students ride their bikes up and down the city streets. Couples shopping downtown, enjoying a romantic dinner. Too picturesque, right? Not for people living in the town of Irvine, California. Here, restaurants adorn the city streets and college students are a staple of the community. Take a day to visit this town, sight see and indulge in amazing food. You surely will not be let down.

If you're arriving in town during the morning hours, make your first stop Bruxie’s for their signature Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches. While the menu offers a variety of choices, breakfast and lunch are the way to go. Crunchy chicken and light fluffy waffles are their specialties but their real secret is their delightful waffle fries. Get these piled high with mountains of toppings and enjoy them in the wonderful open seating plan. Make sure to get your fill of all these yummy dishes.

The next stop on your list should definitely be a lovely afternoon stroll around Mason Regional Park. Described as a family-centered escape, this park is about 340 acres of beautiful green grass and towering trees. There is something here for everyone in your party. Sail model boats on the lake, hike through the wilderness trails, relax under their humongous shady trees or take the children to frolic on the play structures. Either way, your afternoon will be filled with enjoyment, activities or relaxation.

If the park isn’t for you or you’d prefer spending a warm afternoon in an air conditioned building, the Irvine Museum Collection may be right up your alley. The free museum offers rotating galleries but has a remarkable collection of Impressionists paintings. Wander the rooms filled with beautiful works of art and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the building. Soon the vibrant collection will be moved to the University of California, Irvine campus, giving you even more of an incentive to come visit.

To end the eventful day, a nice, peaceful dinner is in order. Travel a little ways down the road and you will find the quiet, little restaurant of North Italia. The cozy seating combined with delicious food gives this dining experience a relaxing quality. The atmosphere is upbeat enough for a family dinner but also calm enough for a romantic evening alone. Make sure to order the Chef’s Board and any of their delicious salads. They are also known for their homemade pizzas and elegant desserts. This restaurant is sure to please all the people traveling with you.

As the sun sets and the day comes to a close, the city of Irvine winds down. The seagulls quiet and soft street lights turn on. The smell of the ocean is one among many delicious scents that fill the night air. Another eventful day has ended in Irvine, California. If you only have a day to spend in this beautiful town, these destinations are truly fantastic. Check out these local stops the next time you visit Irvine!