Myths and Truths of HCTP Treatment Exposed!

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Do you suffer with chronic pain in the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows or back?   Did your doctor recommend surgery as your only alternative?  Or were you told “you will have to learn to live with the pain?”

If you are looking for an alternative to surgery and pain killers, hctp treatment in Irvine may be the answer for you. HCTP have the natural intelligence to target damaged tissue and begin the healing process.  Clinical trials have shown human cellular tissue products to repair muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. In fact, there is a great deal of science supporting the use of human cellular tissue products for arthritic joints and chronic pain.

Through my HCTP educational seminars I’ve found that many people are unclear on how human cellular tissue products can help and whether they are safe.  To help you further understand HCTP therapy, I’ve dedicated this article to the questions I most commonly hear from patients.

Can HCTP pass DNA?

Back in the 1980’s the main source of HCTP were coming from the embryo, which can pass on DNA.  The embryonic phase ends after the 10th week of gestation. Umbilical cord human cellular tissue products are harvested between weeks 36 and 40 and therefore not possible to pass on DNA.

Do the human cellular tissue products come from aborted babies?

No they do not.  This is illegal in the US.  You can get this in other countries, and some people do this…however, I would not due to my own personal concerns and beliefs.  Umbilical cord HCTP (in particular the ones we use in my clinic) are donated from live healthy C-Section births here in Southern CA.

Once injected, do human cellular tissue products continue to duplicate in the body?

Live nucleated HCTP will duplicate themselves every 28 hours for 60+ generations in the lab.  However, once injected into the human body, the HCTP do not continue to duplicate.  Instead they stop inflammation and stimulate our own tissues to regenerate.

How do the HCTP know where to go once they are injected into the body?

Damaged cells send out a chemical signal, similar to an SOS signal. The HCTP are attracted to this signal, attach themselves to the blood vessels surrounding the  damaged area and nurture the cells back to a healthy state.

Can HCTP transfer diseases such as hepatitis?

Umbilical cord human cellular tissue products are regulated through the AATB (American Association Of Tissue Banks)…similar to if you were to donate bone marrow. Our human cellular tissue products are tested with two different 3rd party independent FDA registered labs for sterility and communicable diseases.  It is only when the cells are cleared by the AATB and labs are they then available for HCTP therapy and considered safe.

Do the human cellular tissue products from a baby’s umbilical cord become the new cartilage in my knee or other areas of my body?

No they will not.  Umbilical cord HCTP help to regulate the inflammation process that occurs from the degenerated joint and damaged tissue.  They also stimulate your own cells to regenerate themselves into normal healthy cells.  Thereby healing you from the inside out.

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