Does HCTP in Irvine Work?

Patients commonly ask how much you can expect to heal from HCTP in Irvine. Does it actually work? Well this can be a loaded question. But to simplify the answer, it depends on the type of human cellular tissue, the doctor performing the procedure and the actual condition being treated.

Let’s review how umbilical cord human cellular tissue actually work.

When the cells are injected into the injured joint or tissue, they inhibit the damaging inflammatory components and modulate the immune system. At the same time, the human cellular tissue produce growth factors that nourish damaged cells back to health and stimulate our own human cellular tissue to regenerate themselves. Studies have shown that even if you have an abundant amount of growth factors, they are unable to stimulate regeneration and healing in the presence of inflammation.  And this is why many people suffer with chronic pain, which can develop into osteoarthritis and other illnesses.  So to recap, HCTP first inhibit inflammation and then stimulate our own tissues to heal and regenerate the damaged area.

HCTP Testimonials

Meet our first patient, Jay.  He is a law enforcement officer and a personal trainer.  Jay had a meniscus tear in his knee and was told by his doctor that he was almost bone on bone and needed surgery.  He was also told that he might not be able to return to his normal activity even after the surgery.  Being in law enforcement for over 20 years and an avid athlete, this was not acceptable to him.   After researching clinics that do HCTP treatments, he decided on my clinic. Jay received his injections a few months ago and is now free of pain and does not need knee surgery.

“What really separated them from other places I consulted with were the type of human cellular tissue products they used, and the knowledgeable staff.  I am happy to say that I have just begun running on the sand, and when I pivot my knee doesn’t hurt! No more inflammation. The procedure only took about 20 min and it didn’t hurt at all!” 

- Jay Jordan

Meet our second patient, Joe who is 92 years old.  He presented to our office earlier this year with severe low back pain in addition to osteoarthritis and pain in both knees.  Other doctors told Joe that there was nothing they could do for him and that he was not a candidate for HCTP therapy.   Joe could barely make it into the exam room without the help of his family and cane.  After a thorough medical examination, it was found that Joe had arthritis and inflammation in both knees and his sacroiliac joint, which connects the low back to the pelvis and tail bone.  Joe was injected with HCTP and within a few weeks he had NO pain and was walking without his cane.

“I chose OC Back Doctors because they seemed to have all their ducks in a row.  They gave me straight answers”

Joseph B.

Are you looking to be pain free? Take advantage of our new patient special today to see what HCTP therapy has in store for you.

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